December 2, 2018

Agit Arch Outpost

Welcome to the Agit Arch outpost!

It contains tests and mockups for broadcasts on three broad topics: Citizenship, Clickbait Politics, and Populism. In producing them we were aided by several interlocutors over three Agit Arch workshops this fall: Mimi Zeiger, Ann Lui, and Luke Bulman.  

Join us in thinking about the protocols and costs of belonging, borders and freedom.


Alexander Bodkin, Stratton Coffman, Rodrigo Escandon, Jaya Eyzaguirre, Dalma Földesi, Melissa, Gutierrez Soto, Trevor Hilker, Thuy Le, Ana Miljački, Nof Nathansohn, Aaron Powers, Ingrid Roede, Gideon Schwartzman, Jung Seo, Sara Wagner, Nitzan Zilberman

Presented by the Critical Broadcasting Lab