November 3, 2018

(Hacking) Click Bait Politics

#metoo, #notourwall, #blacklivesmatter, #solarpunk. What are you committed to changing?

What story needs to be told about it, and by what means will it resist the impulse for a simple resolution? This workshop invited the participants to develop topics in groups of three, on politics and/or architecture in the “dark times.” It focused on the production of specific modes/formats for broadcasting ideas in print and digitally: 1) the long book and 2) gif or a pamphlet.


Alexander Bodkin, Stratton Coffman, Rodrigo Escandon, Jaya Eyzaguirre, Dalma Földesi, Melissa Gutiérrez Soto, Trevor Herman Hilker, Thuy Le, Ana Miljački, Nof Nathansohn, Aaron Powers, Ingrid Roede, Gideon Schwartzman, Jung Seo, Sarah Wagner, Nitzan Zilberman