Agit Arch Outpost

Welcome to the Agit Arch outpost!

The Critical Broadcasting Lab is compelled to present Agit Arch, a series of micro exhibitions that instigate discussion and aim to critique and probe contemporary architecture and its political haunts.

The outpost contains tests and mockups for broadcasts on three broad topics: Citizenship, Clickbait Politics, and Populism. In producing them we were aided by several interlocutors over three Agit Arch workshops this fall: Mimi Zeiger, Ann Lui, and Luke Bulman.

Join us in thinking about the protocols and costs of belonging, borders and freedom.


@realkinn is a collectively voiced and performed avatar for speculating on acts of kinning in digital worlds. Through the iterative practice of posting, we use their plasticity, the promiscuity of a shared account, to unfold agendas, proclivities, and attitudes that may be contradictory or uneasy but begin to generate unforeseen chances for finding other kin. The performativity of scripting, sharing, and spreading @realkinn offers an opening to fictionalize futures of alternative kinship.


Borrowing the abstract visual language of free trade zone maps, This exercise explores the shapes of the United States through other zones of freedom:

Free Love draws the border from legislations at the state level mapping territories of sexual & romantic freedom.

Free Range delineates the boundaries of U.S. National Parks.

Free Play maps spaces of free gambling through the boundaries of Native american reservations.

Free Shipping uses satellite imageries to document U.S. & Global free trade ports.

Free XXXXX draws from satellite imageries to map the boundaries of U.S. blacksites.


Card Game is a strategy game played by two or more participants, using any and all documents carried on their person to communicate, assert, manifest, profess, claim, prove, or verify identity, henceforth known as cards. Cards can represent one or several identities. The objective of Card Game is to collect all cards in play. Patrons converge at the playing field (kitchen table, airport floor, waiting room, lobby sofa), each holding their covered hand of personal cards. The game is played in rounds, each player in turn declaring an identity associated with a card in their possession. All players must give up every complying card, adding them to the caller’s collection. If a faulty identity is called, the owner of the original card can take it back. When a player is out of cards, they leave the game. Card Game ends when one player, having revealed their shared categories of identification with all others, holds every card in play.

Alexander Bodkin

Stratton Coffman
Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman
Jaya Eyzaguirre
Dalma Földesi
Melissa Gutiérrez Soto
Trevor Herman Hilker
Thuy Le
Ana Miljački
Nof Nathansohn
Aaron Powers
Ingrid Roede
Gideon Schwartzman
Jung Seo
Sara Wagner
Nitzan Zilberman