Object Lessons in Collective Repair


The workshop invited the students to think about the most intimate and personal dimensions of pandemic life (at home and in the city), and to focus on objects (architectural, furniture, life-supporting) that have or could have the capacity to assemble collectives around and through them.

Each student framed one of these objects and narrated their stories through broken-world eyes. From that standpoint, thoughts and things that did not seem obvious before became possible; unleashing a kind of ingenuity. By reimagining architectural and furniture objects that might already have the capacity to reconnect individuals from the smallest-scaled perspective, by working in groups the students were encouraged to think about repairing the collective in a broader scope. This sometimes required reinventing the objects themselves, and other times, reinventing their protocols of use, as well as the stories they told about them.

Conference and workshop conducted through the Masters in Architecture (MARQ) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, May – June 2021.

First Assignment: Individual Videos

“The Flagpole” by Jose Pedro Ramirez
“The 20 Liter Bucket” by Francisco Galindo
“The Bus Stop” by Josefina Caram
“The Door” by Francisca Kassis

Final Group Projects:

Inaugural Studio Local Team: 
Teachers: Alejandra Celedón, Patricio Mardones
TAs: Bárbara Rozas, Nicolás Navarrete
Invited Critics: Enrique Walker (GSAPP), Nicolás Maturana (Arcada), Cristián Izquierdo (MARQ)


  • Student Participants:
    Damián Castro
    Sergio Fuenzalida
    Christopher Caro
    Nicolás Chekal
    Tomás Gonzáles
    Danae Sillard
    Montserrat Martínez
    Matías Reyes
    Victoria Arancibia
    Vicente Osorio
    Daniel Saenz
    Florencia Noguera

  • Hernan Sanchez
    Juan Concha
    Enrique Meñique
    Valentina Valdebenito
    Catalina Saavedra
    Catherine López
    Francisca Torres
    José Meza
    Florencia García
    Antonia Ocares
    Rodrigo Vesperinas
    Francisca Kassis
    Cristián Valdés

  • Isidora Elton
    Josefina Caram
    Rocio Marin
    Jose Pedro Ramirez
    Hugo Galvez
    Constanza Arenas
    Catalina Bascuñán
    Rodrigo del Campo
    Francisco Galindo
    Florencia Villalón
    Florencia De la Maza